About You

Laura, the 43-year-old single mother:

My aunt, a 43-year-old single mother, had lost her sense of self-worth amidst life's tough challenges. The first time I did her nails, it wasn't just the polish that shone – it was a long-lost passion and confidence in her eyes. She confided in me that, in that moment, she felt more than just a mother buried in daily routines; she felt like a charming, desired woman with her own needs and dreams. Since then, she started loving life more passionately, daring to pursue her happiness.

Chloe, the 24-year-old corporate newcomer:

At 24, stepping into the corporate world, she faced numerous challenges and uncertainties. In the workplace, she used different nail styles to project her professional image and personality. She shared how, during meetings with meticulously designed nails, she felt an extraordinary power, building confidence to express herself and carving out a unique identity among colleagues and superiors.

Ava, the 35-year-old travel enthusiast:

A 35-year-old woman with a passion for travel chose nail designs reflecting the cultures and landscapes she encountered on her journeys. For her, these manicures were more than just adornments; they were witnesses and records of her life's stories. She said that each glance at her nails was like reliving those wonderful travel moments, inspiring her to continue exploring and seeking new inspirations.

“whywomannails” is more than just a nail brand; it's a tribute to the incredible women I've encountered throughout my journey of growth. This brand is inspired by the strong female figures who have provided invaluable support and inspiration at different stages of my life.
Each product and design is a commemoration of these women, who have showcased the unique strength and charm of femininity in their own ways. From courageous mothers and wise teachers to mentors and friends in the workplace, these women have shaped my worldview with their intelligence, bravery, and compassion, sparking the inspiration to create this brand.
Through this brand, I aim to convey that every woman has her unique story and strength. Whether in everyday life or at pivotal moments, women demonstrate admirable power and resilience. "whywomannails" is a platform for all women to express their personalities through the art of nails and a community that celebrates and supports the power and beauty of womanhood.