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Fourth Generation Solid Glue (Free Phototherapy Light)

Fourth Generation Solid Glue (Free Phototherapy Light)


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How to Use Fourth Generation Solid Glue

  • Clean Nails: Make sure nails are clean and dry.
  • Apply Glue: Place a bean-sized amount of solid glue on the press-on.
  • Spread Glue: Push glue from front to back until covered.
  • Press On Nail: Align and press onto nail.
  • Wipe Excess: Remove any extra glue.
  • Cure Under Phototherapy Light: Cure for 30 seconds using a nail lamp.
  • Shape: Trim or file as needed.

Phototherapy Light

  • Portable Travel and Home Nail Phototherapy Machine, Mouse-sized Design, Meets Various Needs.
  • Place your hand under the nail curing lamp. The time required for curing can vary depending on the lamp's power and the gel polish instructions, but it typically ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. LED lamps are generally faster than UV lamps.
  • Once your gel manicure is complete, it's a good idea to apply cuticle oil around your nails to keep your skin moisturized.
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